Jason Aldean Never Thought the Party Would Last

ACM Winner Recalls Early Doubts About His Career

When Jason Aldean recently posted a throwback tweet to his first video for his debut song, “Hicktown,” I assumed he did so with pride.

But when I had the chance to ask him about it after his Academy of Country Music Awards performance rehearsal in Las Vegas, Aldean admitted he doesn’t always look back on that video so fondly.

He looks back on it instead with insecurities.

“I’m surprised they let us make another video,” he told me of the 11-year-old production. “’This could be the only video we ever shoot,’ we thought. So when you look at it, when the video starts, the band is scattered around the stage like they should be. But by the end of the video, we were all crammed in the middle of the stage trying to get TV time.”

You can see what he’s talking about right around the time he sings, “Aw, we ain’t finished yet.”

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