Garth Brooks Recruits Wayne Gretzky to Get Carrie Underwood on the Ice

Meanwhile, Brooks and Underwood's Husband Continue Working on a Duet

Wayne Gretzky retired from professional hockey in 1999. Which was right around the time Garth Brooks retired from country music.

And yet somehow, country singer Carrie Underwood and her hockey-playing husband Mike Fisher have brought the two together in an unlikely virtual conversation.

First, Brooks and Fisher sang a very, very short duet of Brooks’ “The River,” which Underwood posted on Instagram.

She said that as payback, she wanted to play a pick-up game of hockey with the NHL icon Gretzky.

Then on Friday (April 8), Brooks talked about the next steps.

In his Opening Night Live video from Louisville, where he was taking a few questions from Facebook fans, he said that he and Fisher singing together was a good little jab at Carrie.

“And I loved her response about Gretzky. I think the plan is now,” Brooks says, “we gotta get Gretzky to get Carrie in full gear and get her out skating. So, Wayne, I’m calling you out.”

And while Gretzky may be the hall of famer, Brooks predicts that Underwood will steal the show.

At the end of that conversation, Brooks casually mentions that he’s getting ready to finish his duet with Fisher.

“I have a date with Carrie’s husband first, actually, in Nashville to complete the duet,” Brooks say. “This is gonna be good.”