Blake Shelton Delivers His First Song to Christian Radio

"Savior's Shadow" Came From Dream About God

Blake Shelton isn’t the first country singer to lean a little Christian. Carrie Underwood’s debut single was “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” for God’s sake. And Josh Turner’s breakout hit “Long Black Train” was all about avoiding sin and temptation.

But then again, it’s not every day that a country powerhouse sends a Christian-leaning song to Christian radio, like Shelton is doing this week.

He wrote the new tune “Savior’s Shadow” with Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall and says it came from a dream he had about God telling him he’d be all right.

“At a very dark time in my life last year,” Shelton admitted in a press release, “I dreamed the first verse of this song. I woke up and immediately wrote it down. Now, looking back, I know it was God’s way of telling me that he’s here and things are gonna be OK.”

Here are the lyrics of that first verse:

I’m standing in my savior’s shadow/He is watching over me
I feel the rain/I hear the thunder/As He cries for me
And standing in my savior’s shadow/Grace will lead to where I’m free
I take His hand/We walk together/His light shines on me

Shelton tweeted on Monday (April 11), “In all the years I’ve been doing this I’ve never experienced this kind of reaction from a song. So proud.”

The single is off his upcoming album If I’m Honest due May 20.