Jake Owen Heads Home for Special Music Video

Follow the Journey in "American Country Love Song"

We previously saw snippets of Jake Owen’s journey to Key West, Florida, in his turquoise Volkswagen “Love Bus,” but now we can actually see the entire journey in his amazing new video for “American Country Love Song.”

And what a journey it was for the Florida native.

It’s the perfect all-American road trip, complete with stops at the fireworks store, a car wash and his alma mater. Vero Beach High School. It also shows off a few of Owen’s most beloved hobbies — photography and golfing.

But he wasn’t alone on this epic trek.

From parking lot pizza parties to impromptu roadside concerts, he always found a way to greet his fans. And it’s hard to tell who was more excited — Owen or them.

He even had a smile on his face when he ran out of gas.

If you look closely during the video, you’ll catch glimpses of a few familiar faces: Owen’s buddy, singer and songwriter Ryan Hurd and one of Owen’s closest allies — Merle the bulldog.

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