Why Luke Bryan Is Done With Hometown Shows

"I Wore Them Out," He Confesses

Before Luke Bryan got into full co-host mode at the recent Academy of Country Music Awards, he spent a little time talking to reporters in Las Vegas about his massive tour and how far he’s come from his first gigs back home.

And as it turns out, Bryan thinks he played so many shows in and around his hometown of Leesburg, Georgia, he can’t even perform there anymore.

“I wore them out,” Bryan said. “I think they are pretty much tired of me.”

I doubt that, but he explained that he used those shows — the ones where he could pack the place with a lot of friends and family and fraternity brothers — to make up for the shows where the crowd was a little more sparse.

“For so many years, when I was traveling the country, I’d play a show and there’d be about three people there,” he said. “And that was a complete loss of money. So I’d use Georgia to try to balance out the loss. I think they caught on to that. So they’re good on shows.”

He might have been referring to the very early days when he played Skinner Brothers for “a bunch of drunks” or later on when he was at Georgia Southern University and starting touring nearby with a band called Neyami Road, opening for established country bands like Ricochet.

If what Bryan says is true — that he wore out his fans in Georgia — then I wonder if people in Leesburg will hear about his two Kill the Lights tour stops in Atlanta in May and think, “Oh, him again?”

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