Can Maren Morris Get an Amen for This?

Her Past Year Has Been Full of Huge Moments

One year. That’s how long ago Maren Morris wrote “My Church.”

Can she get a halleluiah for that?

“It was March of last year that I wrote ’My Church,’ and that’s what set a lot of this in motion,” Morris told People magazine recently. Referring to this week’s rehearsals for the star-studded All for the Hall concert in Nashville, she added, “I don’t think anyone could have known that just a year later this would be my Monday.”

Not that her success in Nashville happened over night, but it did happen. That’s what matters. Well, that and the cool things she’s been able to check off her bucket list since she started getting noticed:

1. The chance to open for Keith Urban on tour

2. Getting text messages from Dierks Bentley

3. Walking the Academy of Country Music Awards red carpet along with Dolly Parton

“It seems like almost every day I’ve been able to cross things off my bucket list,” she said.

And “My Church” is only Morris’ first single. The rest of the tracks on her Hero album, due out June 3, are just as worthy, and destined to help her check off even more big moments off her bucket list.

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