How Thomas Rhett Hung on to His “T-Shirt”

Old Tune Is New Again

After winning the Academy of Country Music Award for single record of the year, for “Die a Happy Man,” I’m sure Thomas Rhett thinks long and hard about every song he writes, records and releases. Because you can’t just follow up an award-winning song with any old song. It has to be worthy of big things.

And his latest, “T-Shirt,” is just such a song.

This is one Rhett didn’t write — it came from the pens of Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird and Shane McAnally — but it’s one that Rhett’s been singing in his live shows for at least three years.

“I kind of call this song the one that hung on, because I had it on hold on my first record and Tim McGraw actually had it on hold for a long time.” Rhett said in a recent radio interview,

So what do artists do in that situation? Is it a matter of calling dibs, or do they talk it out, man to man?

According to Rhett, you just wait. And be all kinds of patient.

“Once (McGraw) let it go, I latched that thing down and really couldn’t wait to cut it and put it on my second album,” Rhett admits. “It’s been my wife’s favorite song to dance around to. We love playing that song live.”

Rhett also loves it because he thinks it’s the perfect song to kick off summer, because “basically the song is just about young love and a cool little up-tempo to follow up a ballad.”

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