Nashville Recap: The Disappearance of Riff and Maddie

And the Balancing Act of Avery

On Wednesday’s (April 20) episode of Nashville, Riff was missing (but turned up in a New Orleans hospital after having an alcohol/pain pills/sexual performance enhancers-induced stroke).

Maddie was missing (but was actually hiding at Cash’s house, dreaming of signing with Sony).

But the one thing not missing from the series was Avery’s commitment to everyone in his life.

Everyone seemed to want a piece of Avery. Layla wanted him as her bandleader, Cadence needed him as father, Juliette wanted him as her producer, and Will wanted him as a dating guru. Avery chose Layla and Cadence, and off they went on tour.

But then again, Riff’s stroke situation put a little hitch in their gitalong. And Luke’s, too, because he’s the headliner of the big tour.

“This town’s full of country singers, and not one of them can do me a 45-minute favor? I’m not asking for the moon,” Luke rants about Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton and Thomas Rhett.

Rhett ultimately came through for Luke. And then later in the show, Juliette really comes through for Luke when she said she’d tour with him, which you know is going to stir up all kinds of trouble on the Avery/Layla/Cadence bus.

But the real trouble is Maddie.

“It’s like no matter where I go, they’re just in my way,” Maddie rants about Rayna and Deacon.

So Cash invites a Sony friend over to talk, which Deacon is there to see because he’s stalking Cash’s house. Maddie is so convinced her music will set her free, she tells Deacon and Rayna she’s going to become an emancipated minor. We’ll see how she feels once she’s not living that Belle Meade life.

As for the Exes, their music is doing great. Being on tour with Autumn has really been a powerful tool for them. But after Autumn and Gunnar shared some whiskey — and she dangled the “Oh, you like James Taylor? He’s my neighbor. You should come to New York with me to meet him” — carrot in front of Gunnar, he said no to that tempting offer. So then Autumn set her sights on Scarlett. They share a spa day, and they have a heart to heart about touring romance.

“It’s never a good idea to complicate these things out on the road,” Autumn said, knowing damn well she’s going to complicate things with Gunnar as soon as she has the chance.