Why Martina McBride Doesn’t Look Her Age

One of People's "Most Beautiful" Reveals Her Secret

Martina McBride is on the verge. Of 50.

Her birthday is in July, so for the next few months or so, the busy country star will be reveling in the remaining days of her 40’s, and getting ready to release her latest album Reckless next Friday (April 29).

The fact that she is almost 50 is no surprise when you run the numbers. McBride’s debut album The Time Has Come was released 24 years ago.

But why doesn’t she look her age? At all?

In the latest People magazine “World’s Most Beautiful 2016” issue, McBride is featured in the section with a handful of other women who look half their age. And she reveals just how she does it.

“I really love La Mer, the original cream. I love trying all kinds of products, but I swear it’s the one that’s worked for me for years,” McBride said. “It’s worth it.”

I’d gladly pay $170 an ounce for any cream if it came with a guarantee that I could look as good as McBride.