The Broken Skull Challenge Workweek Blues

As Told by GIFs

Not all workweeks are hard to get through, but sometimes getting to Friday can seem like an uphill battle:


Or some sort of obstacle you have to carefully maneuver:

And during those weeks, Mondays can feel like a kick in the face:

When Tuesday gets here you’re barely holding on:

And just when you think you get ahead, Wednesday comes:

On Thursday mornings you have a little hope, but by the end of the day you’re totally defeated:

When Friday finally gets here, words cannot describe how you feel:

And by the end of the day you and your work squad are so ready to leave:

And this Sunday night, be sure to hold on tight to that remote and watch back-to-back season finale episodes of Broken Skull Challenge starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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