Is a Carrie Underwood Workout Really a Prize?

San Diego Woman Wins a Day at the Gym With the Country Superstar

Planking. Push ups. Jump squats. Russian twists. In any other universe, that would be more of a punishment than a prize.

But for one San Diego woman, it was the win of a lifetime, because she was doing it all with Carrie Underwood.

Through her local radio station KSON, Leslie was the chosen one to go to San Antonio and work out with Underwood.

And here’s how the day went down:

“She pulled up in an old beater white truck. She gives me this big hug. And we just started talking like we’d been friends for ever,” Leslie said in an interview with the radio station. “I was thinking, ’Why me?’ I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I felt so comfortable with her, like I’d known her forever.”

And even though Leslie says she never felt intimidated and that Underwood never pressured her or judged her, it does sound like she couldn’t help but compare herself to the star.

“I could not keep up. She’s a beast. I was doing 5 to 8-pound weights, while she was doing 20. She did half-hour planks, I swear to God. I could do a minute and a half plank, and then I was on the treadmill, and she was still planking,” she said.

Oh, and Underwood was singing Van Halen songs the whole time.

“She’s just tiny and she’s beautiful and she’s perfect,” Leslie confirmed.

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