Jana Kramer: “No Giggling While I’m Gone”

Baby Jolie Is on the Verge of Laughter

Jana Kramer warned her husband. She told him that under no circumstances is their baby girl Jolie allowed to laugh this weekend.

“She’s so close to laughing that I told my husband she cannot laugh. No giggling while I’m gone. I cannot miss that. I told him that if she does, he better have his phone ready. I don’t want to miss her first laugh,” Kramer told me when we talked before her big weekend with her own mother Nora.

The two Kramers were stopping in Las Vegas to promote a little happiness at the Hershey’s Chocolate World store for a twist on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, then they were heading to Indio, California, for the Stagecoach Country Music Festival for Kramer’s Friday (April 29) performance.

Spending time with your own mom once you’ve become a mother yourself takes things to the next level.

“I have so much appreciation for my mother. I always have. I’ve always thought she was in incredibly strong woman, but the second I gave birth to Jolie, it was a whole new appreciation. Like, ‘Wow, this is hardest and the greatest job ever,’” Kramer said. “I love my mom even more now, and I never thought that could be possible.”

Even though Jolie isn’t on this trip, she’s probably the most road-savvy 3-month-old ever. Kramer said when she’s touring, Jolie is always with her.

“We have a crib on my bus. I can’t not be with her,” she said.

But this time, she left her husband Mike Caussin in charge.

“I have full faith that my husband will do an amazing job with Jolie. I might come home to a dirty house,” she laughed, “but that’s OK.”