World Premiere: Chris Janson’s “Holdin’ Her”

"It's the Story of the Things I Love Most"

“I didn’t know what life was about until I got married,” Chris Janson says in the introduction to his new video for the love song “Holdin’ Her.”

Yes, you might want to grab some tissues.

Directed by Edgar Esteves, the video tells the story of Janson and wife Kelly’s story — of a guy who was living the single musician’s life until he met his true love and then everything changed for the better.

“It’s my No. 1 favorite song,” Janson said recently about the latest single from his debut album, Buy Me a Boat. “It’s the story of the things that I love most: my wife and my kids and my journey in life. If anyone wants a real look inside my life, here it is.

“I’m so excited and happy about this video. It is a very personal and real look into our life with my wife, kids and bonus kids. This song is our love story, and I wanted real moments in the video.”

After seeing this beautiful home footage of Janson and his family, you’ll want to hug your sweetheart a little tighter.

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