The Band Perry Debuts “In It Together”

A Full-Circle Moment at Stagecoach

At Saturday’s Stagecoach country music festival in California, The Band Perry came full circle.

And before the show, the sibling trio told country station KFRG/Riverside-San Bernardino all about it. They talked about their Stagecoach show last year and their show this year, and the band’s lead singer (and big sister) Kimberly Perry said this year’s show would be much different.

Last year’s, for starters, started with an elevator fail that required the band to run around from behind the stage to kick off their show with “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely.” Otherwise, they explained, they’d have had to sing the whole song from inside the elevator.

But other than that minor debacle, last year’s show was good. After their set was over and the fans had gone home, the Perrys went out to the grassy area near the festival grounds and wrote a song.

“I remember there was a song we wrote last year at Stagecoach called ’In It Together,'” Perry said. “And we’re performing it tonight. So it’s kind of like a full circle moment.”

She also promised that she and her brothers Neil and Reid looked at the 2015 set list to make sure they didn’t play the exact same thing this year.

In addition to “In It Together,” the band also played two other new tunes that night, “Best One Yet” and “Stay in the Dark.”

They also covered Justin Bieber’s latest kiss-off ballad, “Love Yourself,” with the siblings sharing vocals.

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