Two Buses of Dierks Bentley

How Grownups and Kids Will Coexist on Tour

Is this how you know you’ve made it? When you have one tour bus full of booze and vinyl — and one tour bus full of toys and kiddie pools?

I’ll ask Dierks Bentley next time I see him. Because he recently told People magazine that when his wife Cassidy and their kids — Evalyn, 7, Jordan, 5, and Knox, 2 — come out on the road with him, that’s what life will be like.

It sounds like Bentley’s own bus is where the after, after, after parties happen.

“We have a bar set up called Whiskey Row in every backstage area with a big tent and music,” Bentley said. “It’s open to everyone who comes backstage, and it’s just a fun hang, and that usually spills off into the bus, and we’ll listen to vinyl records on the bus until 2 in the morning.”

But the other bus is another story.

“We’ll grab a second bus and come out, and I’ll load that bus with kiddie pools and remote control cars and chalk and water balloons and rockets to shoot up in the air — everything,” he said. “I live off Red Bull, and it’s the craziest month, but it’s really fun.”