Mother’s Day Without Your Mother

Trisha Yearwood Knows How Tough It Is

“Your whole life, when you have your mom, you never think about the people that don’t,” Trisha Yearwood said in one of her Saturday morning T’s Coffee Talk Facebook chats recently. “It just doesn’t occur to you that Mother’s Day is tough for people.“

Yearwood’s own mother Gwen died in 2011 at 73 after battling cancer. And I know exactly what she means. After losing my mom, I can’t even walk down the Mother’s Day card aisle at the store this time of year without choking back tears.

“Now that I’ve lost my mom, Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me,” Yearwood admits. But then again, she’s a mother herself now to husband Garth Brooks’ three daughters Taylor, August and Allie, and that helps.

“I’m a bonus mom of three girls, so I celebrate that way,” she said. “But I miss my mom.”

Yearwood’s advice to people who have a mom to celebrate on Sunday (May 8) is to actually celebrate her every day.

“If you have your mom, not just on Mother’s Day, call her every single day. Do not take it for granted,” she said.

And if you don’t have your mom?

“Find a mom and hug her,” Yearwood said, “and you have all my strength on Mother’s Day.”