Nicole Kidman Knows “Wasted Time” by Heart

Her Up-Do Singalong to Keith Urban's Single

I know everyone was very excited about Keith Urban’s Ripcord album release last week. But I doubt anyone was as excited as his wife Nicole Kidman was.

On Saturday (May 7), she shared a tiny clip of herself in the hair stylist’s chair grooving to Urban’s “Wasted Time” while getting the perfect suburban mom up-do before she started shooting her upcoming HBO limited series Big Little Lies. She sings along with the enthusiasm of someone who might’ve fit right in in Urban’s teenage years in Caboolture, Australia.

“Getting ready to shoot Big Little Lies, jamming to my man listening to Wasted Time. Congrats on ‪#‎RIPCORD‬ baby,” she captioned the video. ‬

The HBO series is based on The New York Times bestselling book by Australian author Liane Moriarty. It’s about the mothers of kindergartners who have seemingly perfect lives, until you dig a little deeper. Kidman’s character Celeste is the one being physically abused by her rich banker husband.

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