Nashville Stars Get Emotional About Series Ending a Four-Year Run

Season Finale Is Now Series Finale

The Nashville TV series was going to close out its fourth season on May 25 with an episode called “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday.”

It’s one where Maddie gets in touch with someone from Rayna’s past, Juliette is still trying to wrap her head around her part in Jeff’s accidental death, and Scarlett and Gunnar just kept doing their on-again/off-again thing.

It would have been just enough Music City drama to leave us hanging until season five.

But now that ABC has officially cancelled the show, there will be no season five. The fourth-season finale is going to be the series finale.

And a few stars of the show — those who portrayed Deacon, Luke, Will and Layla — have already shared their bittersweet emotions about the news. As you can imagine, there are a lot of sad-face emojis on Twitter today.

Charles Esten sounded upbeat and just happy for the good run.

Chris Carmack didn’t quite understand why the show was cancelled, but was happy that the fans were rallying around him.

Will Chase had nothing but good things to say.

Aubrey Peeples expressed gratitude, but also hinted at a some behind-the-scenes trouble.

Callie Khouri, the show’s creator, doesn’t tweet very often. So you know that when she does, she’s chosen her words carefully, and it shows.

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