When Dr. Ed Bassmaster Performs Your Eye Exam

If Your Optometrist Pranked You, This Is What it Would Look Like

You may already be familiar with the standard eye exam. For those lucky few who have somehow kept their perfect vision, well, congratulations.

Basically, an eye exam is a series of tests assessing vision and ability to focus on and discern objects. People typically get their eyes checked every few years, and build a rapport with their doctor.

But what happens when your long-time friendly optometrist calls in sick, and prankster Ed Bassmaster steps in? With the help of WebMD to translate, let’s examine… pun intended.


  1. The eye muscle movement test.

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    “To assure that the eyes are normally aligned, the doctor will ask you to visually track a target in different directions and observe your eye movements.”

  2. Let’s try one more of those tests, shall we?

  3. The visual acuity test.

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    “You’ll sit in front of an eye chart, with letters that get smaller as you read down each line. You cover each eye in turn and, using the other eye, read aloud, going down the chart, until you can’t read the letters anymore.”

  4. The external exam and pupillary reactions.

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    “The doctor will watch the reactions of your pupils to light and objects at close distance. At the same time, the doctor will check the exterior eye, looking at things such as the condition of the white of the eyes and the position of your eyelids.”

  5. The refraction testing.

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    “For your exact lens prescription, the eye doctor may use the results of the computerized refractor, or he or she may fine-tune the prescription manually by asking you to respond to questions such as, “Which is better, this or that?” while flipping back and forth between different lenses. If you don’t need corrective lenses, you won’t have this test.”

  6. And, whatever test this is…

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