Thomas Rhett: No. 1 Tip for Summer Concerts

"We Love When You Stand Up"

If you’re planning to see Thomas Rhett this summer while he’s out on the road with Jason Aldean, wear comfortable shoes. That’s because you’ll be doing a lot of standing. At least, that’s if Rhett has anything to say about it.

“I mean, if y’all have ever seen one of our shows, then you know that they’re just really, really high energy,” Rhett said in a recent radio interview. “We love when you stand up. We don’t like when you sit down, unless you just have to sit down.”

For Rhett, it sounds like his top priority this summer is to get the fans to feel like they are part of his live show.

“We love to get the crowd involved, and we don’t really give you much of a chance to be bored. We really try to make it as fun and entertaining as possible,” he added, “and we’ve worked really hard to make it that way.”

Aldean’s Six String Circus tour starts Thursday (May 19) in Rogers, Arkansas.

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