Will Brad Paisley, Demi Lovato and Carrie Underwood Sing Together?

The Three Hit Social Media After Paisley and Lovato Release "Without a Fight"

First, Brad Paisley was teasing everyone about his new duet, “Without a Fight,” and trying to get fans to guess who he’d recorded it with.

It was pop star Demi Lovato. (But the song’s hook — “How ’bout maybe tonight we make up without a fight” — is pure country.)

Once the collaboration was revealed, both Paisley and Lovato started sharing their musings about the new single on social media. He posted a photo of his dashboard when the song came on the radio, saying, “There’s really nothing like the first time you hear it on the radio, @ddlovato.”

And Lovato posted, too, with little video clip of the making of the song.

Then Paisley just had to brag about the duet to Carrie Underwood on Sunday (May 15). And ultimately, that started what could potentially be the coolest trio of the year.

She responded immediately, tweeting that yes she was.

“@BradPaisley @ddlovato As a matter of fact, I am…I’ve always wanted to sing with Demi Lovato!”

After which Lovato had the brilliant idea of the three of them singing together next time.

“@carrieunderwood @BradPaisley then you gotta join us,” Lovato tweeted, “cause I’ve always wanted to sing with YOU too!!”

Landing at No. 27 on Billboard’s country airplay chart, Paisley wrote “Without a Fight” with Kelley Lovelace and Lee Thomas Miller.

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