Cam Fights for the Girls in “Mayday” Video

Throwback Production Salutes Women All Over the World

Cam has followed the success of her breakout smash “Burning House” with yet another visually stunning, deeply symbolic video for her new single “Mayday.”

Starring as a 1930s Amelia Earhart-esque pilot in the throwback piece, Cam sings about being stuck in a bad relationship and not having the guts to leave.

Even though — spoiler alert — the flight doesn’t end well, Cam’s character in the video inspires a young girl to follow her dreams.

In real life, the song somewhat relates to the current resurgence of women in country music.

“There seems to be a lot of similarities in country music right now,” Cam told People magazine in a behind-the-scenes exclusive.

“There’s kind of a similar feeling where you get to be one of the few women. It shouldn’t be that way. But hopefully this is an inspiring thing for a lot of other women musicians that are going to come back.”

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