Nashville Recap: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Therapy, Hospital Visits and a Dose of Reality

I’ve never been to couples therapy, but if I ever have to go, I want to go the doctor helping Rayna and Deacon mend their marriage.

On Wednesday’s (May 18) episode of Nashville, Mr. and Mrs. Claybourne spent most of the episode in that therapist’s office. As Rayna puts it, they have been in a pattern of betrayal, destruction, abandonment and forgiveness. For a lifetime. She admits her first husband Teddy was the anti-Deacon but says that she and Deacon are inextricably tied.

“In spite of all the hell,” she says of the music they made together, “that was heaven.”

Deacon’s take on their romantic ups and downs is that he lives with the shame every day and that, “All I get to be is the guy who let her down again. How else could she see me?”

The therapist’s advice is that they need to get rid of their old patterns. Deacon needs to let go of his guilt, and Rayna needs to forgive him. There is talk of Deacon moving out, but by the end of the episode, they were in bed together, which was probably therapeutic in its own way.

Over in Luke’s world, he gets a call from a military hospital saying his son was in an accident. When he rushes to Colt’s bedside, he finds out he was jumped by other recruits at Fort Benning because of his dad’s crusade to get Will’s music on the radio. When Colt wakes up, he explains the fight started because he was defending his dad because he’s proud of what he’s doing for Will. It was as if Colt matured 10 years right there in that hospital bed.

That crusade Luke is on is to get Will’s music on the radio.

“We ran into some resistance because of his sexual orientation, so I made a public plea to have his song requested. Any discrimination is just plain wrong,” Luke says on The View.

It’s a fight Luke and Will were going to fight together, but after Will does a radio interview on his own and discovers a stalker outside his door thanking him, he decides that becoming an accidental spokesperson for homosexuals ain’t all bad.

“It’s time for me to take it from here,” Will tells Luke.

Meanwhile, Juliette and Noah tried to have a thing. But after a night of playing house with her baby, she tells him, “I don’t think we have the connection I need to feel right now.” So bye-bye, Noah. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Gunnar and Autumn tried to have a thing, too. Even just a one-night thing. I think he was just so grateful that she gave him the chance to meet and sing with Elton John — they did “Blue Wonderful,” which is a real-life song the rock legend wrote with longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin on his real-life new album Wonderful Crazy Night — that he thanked her with the sexy time she’d been begging for since they first met.

Avery and Layla have been trying to have a thing for a while, but even with Juliette technically out of the picture, the reality is becoming crystal clear: Juliette will always be in Avery’s life, because of Cadence, and Layla’s just doesn’t have the self-esteem to play second fiddle to that.