David Nail’s Fighter Lands July 15

Nail's New Five-Song Covers EP Available Now

David Nail’s fourth studio album Fighter lands July 15.

Until then, Nail recorded hit songs by Adele, Phil Collins, Elvis Presley and the Weeknd for a new five-song EP titled Uncovered, which is available now. A remake of “Looking For a Good Time” from Nail’s debut album I’m About to Come Alive closes the collection.

“This is just a small taste of some of the music that has challenged me,” Nail says of the EP, “music that I enjoy performing, listening to, or that I have related to in some capacity along the way in my journey to Fighter.”

Reflecting on his new life as a family man and artist continues to motivate Nail to appreciate the gift of music.

“I realized that music is one thing I lean on consistently to get me through or remind me how lucky I am to be doing what I love,” he says. “I am really blessed to be at this place in life with my wife and now our two children. The one consistent thread through it all has been music. Music has been so important in my walk to ‘here.’”