Lady Antebellum Ready to Roll Again

Trio Working on New Music While Preparing for Summer Fairs and Festivals

Lady Antebellum’s break is as good as over.

When I caught up with the group at the recent Kentucky Derby, the conversation quickly turned to music, and the members of the trio gave me the scoop on what’s next.

Despite taking a bit of time to themselves over the past year, the group always had each other’s backs. Whether it was Hillary Scott or Charles Kelley’s work on their respective solo albums or Dave Haywood’s work as a producer, they’ve been each other’s biggest cheerleaders throughout everyone’s different creative ventures.

“We have nothing but love and respect for what everyone is doing, and it’s been fun to have some time to work on some of these artistic projects,” Dave Haywood told me.

But now it’s time to reunite, and the trio couldn’t be more excited to get back at it.

“We’re doing a bunch of fairs and festivals this summer, so that will be a lot of fun to be back out on the road again. Already working on new stuff, which I can’t wait for everyone to get ears on,” Haywood said.

And Lady A might just have a new member in Scott’s daughter Eisele. Scott recently posted a video on Instagram of her adorable little girl singing her heart out.

“She’s finding some notes! I’m proud of her,” Scott said with a smile. “She loves to sing. So we’ll see what happens.”

As for Charles Kelley’s newest addition, the singer says his son Ward is getting some enviable lessons.

“Hillary came over the other night, and there’s a really sweet video of her singing to him and trying to sing along,” Kelley said.

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