Jake Owen Takes Motorcycle to the Arm

Much Like His Go-Cart to the Hand in 2013

Is this déjà vu all over again? Jake Owen does something risky, ends up in the hospital and posts on Twitter?

On Thursday morning (May 26), Owen posted that en route to his show in Illinois, he was taking a detour to an emergency room. Then later, he admitted he had wrecked his motorcycle.

“All good, and on the road to Herrin, IL … Some stitches and I’m back at it … See y’all tonight. #iwreckedmybike,” he wrote.

By the afternoon, he was willing to show his wound. It looks like his entire left forearm is in bad shape, but I’m hoping it’s not as bad as it looks in the picture. Which is pretty damn bad.

The important thing is that while Owen’s body may have suffered, his work ethic did not.

“After stitches … Sometimes in life, you fall. That’s when you get back up again, and walk it off,” he said.

Which reminded me of how things went when Owen was in a go-cart accident in July 2013. I was one of the first reporters to talk with him after the accident and got to see his scars up close.

“We were just riding go-carts at the end of the night on a little race track in North Carolina. Those things are fast. They top out at 70, but I was only doing about 40 when I flipped it. It was just a very, very random thing. Things like that just happen to me,” he said at the time. He ended up getting 40 stitches to, as he said, put his fingers back on.

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