Falling in Love to the Beat of the Music

A Pro’s Guide to Summer Love at Live Concerts

This week, Nashville is projected to host at least 85,000 people a day for the 2016 CMA Music Festival, and if the bands onstage are doing their job, the good times will roll and new friends will be made.

And if the singles are lucky, maybe they’ll find the one who will rock their world for forever and ever, amen.

For those coming to CMA Fest for a romantic getaway, keep the PDA family-friendly. The reality is the event is really for the kids. Acts performing this week do so for free, with proceeds from the ticket sales supporting music education through the CMA Foundation.

We polled a few artists who have seen it all from the stage and are party-trained in the basics of love at live shows. Public proposals, cat fights, drunk messes, you name it. They’ve seen it.

They want what’s best for their fans — to have a good time and get home safely. And for those looking for that special someone at country concerts this summer, here are a few pro tips on falling in love to the beat of the music.

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