Kevin Farley on Still The King and 2gether

Comedian Talks Stand-Up, Scripted, Boy Bands and Brother Chris Farley

In the new scripted series Still The King, premiering Sunday (June 12) at 9 p.m. PT/ET, Kevin Farley plays Mitch Doily, Vernon’s, played by Billy Ray Cyrus, parole officer and biggest fan.

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Farley studied at the famous Second City in Chicago. It wasn’t long after that he appeared in films such as Black Sheep, with his brother Chris Farley, and The Waterboy with Adam Sandler.

Q. How would you best describe your character Mitch Doily?

A. He’s a bit of a lonely guy who’s looking for a friend. You know, he divorced his wife 14 years ago, but he still wears his wedding ring. So, I approached the character him kind like that.

He’s trying to befriend Vernon the whole time, but also be his parole officer. He’s a complicated guy and sometimes snaps a little bit. I try to have a lot of fun with the character.

Q. How was working with Billy Ray on set?

A. He’s just the best and the nicest guy — very funny. He’s really a treat to work with because he’s very open to other people’s ideas too. Easy guy to work with, and very generous.

Q. What do you think viewers will enjoy the most out of watching the show?

A. I think they’re going to enjoy the craziness of the show. We let it go. We had fun with it, you know. I think that’s really going to resonate with the audience. It’s a really crazy story line, and had a blast making it, and I think that’s really going to come across. It’s very entertaining.

Q. Any favorite scenes you filmed?

A. One of the scenes we did was a Johnny Cash vs. Elvis fight. Everybody was dressed either as Elvis or Johnny Cash.

We just started doing that one morning and shot a bunch of video of the stunts. I got a bottle smashed over my head. It was hilarious. And Wayne Newton was there.

Q. How was filming in Nashville?

A. Well, I certainly like the food, and going out to Broadway — I’ve never seen that before. I also liked going to Robert’s bar.

There was also had a huge snowstorm while filming. I didn’t know Nashville got that much snow! It was so surprising, and it made production really hard. But, it was right at the end of the shoot actually, so it didn’t put us behind at all, which was good.

Q. I saw you’re on the road doing stand-up right now? What can fans expect from your show?

A. I talk about being from the Midwest, being brothers with Chris, my weight issues and a little bit about dating.

Q. Any dating advice to share?

A. I’m the worst. If you’re taking my advice, you’re in deep trouble.

Q. Who were some of your favorite comedians you’ve worked with in the past?

A. I’ve worked with David Spade, Adam Sandler and Norm Macdonald. I love those guys. They were all friends of Chris’s and mine, too. I look to them for guidance.

Q. We’re deeply rooted in music here in Nashville, so we have to ask, what are you listening to right now?

A. I like old-school country like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. I try to get into a mix of country stuff. Johnny Paycheck is another one I like to listen to a lot.

Q. Any guilty pleasures you like to sing along with in the car?

A. I’m a crazy Smiths fan. I know every word to every song.

Q. So … I have to ask you about a recent photo I saw on your Instagram. Was that a mini-2gether reunion with Evan Farmer?

A. Yes. I loved 2gether, it was such a blast to do. And you know, I want to get us out on the road. All the boy bands are reuniting now.

Q. If you could pick anyone to go on tour with, who would you choose for 2gether?

A. 2gether should go out with O-Town and maybe NSYNC.

A girl can only dream …

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