Brandy Clark Amplifies Drama in Big Day in a Small Town

With Brandy Clark’s sophomore album Big Day in a Small Town, the beauty is in the details.

And life growing up in Morton, Washington provided plenty of inspiration for the small town drama that plays throughout the 11-song collection.

“I love how everybody is in everybody’s business,” she says. “There’s something about that that’s real funny. … I love everybody knowing you, and then I love that everybody cares.”

The strong sense of community that comes with small town living isn’t lost on Clark. She says when her father, a logger, died in a work-related accident; the loss impacted the entire town.

“I went home for his memorial service and they had to have it in a gym because that many people came to it,” she recalls. “I said, ‘That’s a small town.’ Who gets that other than a celebrity? That made me love my hometown forever.”

Clark captures the struggle of mending a broken family following the loss of a loved one in the emotional closer, “Since You’ve Gone to Heaven.”

In the title track, when a teenager named Mindy gives birth in geometry class, the listener can feel the mother’s shock when the school principal calls with news that she’s going to be a grandmother.

Then there’s a feeling of desperation of not having two nickels to rub together in “Broke,” while “Daughter” is full of bitter irony about karma getting back at a commitment-phobic father in the form of a gorgeous young daughter.

Kacey Musgraves guests on backing vocals as Clark sings, “So I hope you have a daughter and I hope that she’s a fox/Daddy’s little girl just as sweet as she as hot/And she can’t help but love them boys/Who love to love and leave them girls just like her father/Yeah karma’s a bitch so I hope you have a daughter.”

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