Kip Moore Talks New Music and More

"I’ve Never Been This Excited About the Music"

Kip Moore was going into the last verse of his third No. 1 “Hey Pretty Girl” at a free Pandora Country concert when he stopped the band. He then pointed at a fan filming the show with her phone and asked for her device.

“We’re going to try something different,” he said, which was met with howls and applause. “I’m singing five feet in front of you, and you ain’t gonna watch me through a phone screen.”

Next, Moore took a seat on the edge of the stage and finished the song solo, which was met with more deafening applause. Before closing with “That Was Us,” Moore promised the crowd that new music and a concert announcement are on the way.

Only an artist completely comfortable in his skin can do something like that. And he brought it that night. His character live onstage at Tuesday’s (June 7) show at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works was a fiery mix of Johnny Rotten and Bruce Springsteen as he performed songs from his latest album Wild Ones, No. 1s “Beer Money” and “Something ‘Bout a Truck” and Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle.”

Nashville actress Clare Bowen emceed and performed during the second annual event, which featured additional sets by Tyler Farr, Cam and Brent Cobb.

That afternoon, Moore gave an update on new music and what fans can expect next. I read you’re thinking about releasing some new music by the end of the year? Is it going to be a surprise album like the new albums by Beyoncé and Eric Church?

Moore: Possibly. I can say this: I’ve never been this excited about the music that I’ve been writing as I am right now. I’ve been holding it really close to me. I might not make music for a while after this record. I poured a lot into Wild Ones. I’ve been touring so hard for so long. And I think I’m going to take a break from songwriting when I finish this record. I just I think that I need to step away for a bit. The minute I get off the road, I’m always writing. And I’m just so excited about this work. I’m always measuring myself by what I’m doing right now. I’m in one of my most creative headspaces. I don’t want to always have to, and that’s just the way that I work. And I don’t always feel that pressure when I’m writing. I’ll probably step away a bit after I finish this project. But I can’t wait for my core fan base to hear what I’ve been doing. I simply can’t wait.

What does your next story look like musically?

I think that you’ll definitely sense that I’m in a little better place this time around making this record. There’s still going to be a little bit of darkness on it. But this record is going to be more of a record to pay homage to my heroes. There will be a lot of different colors on this record. There won’t be one defining sound the way the Wild Ones record was. You might have three or four different styles of music on this record.

As far as taking a break from songwriting, you create all the time. What would you have to do to make that happen?

I think I would probably just go surf for half a year or something. I think that’s what I would do after I finish this. I think that I would tour for a year around 2017, I would tour for that record. And then I think I’d disappear for quite some time. I know myself well, and I know where my headspace has been at in the last few months where I think that I need it because all I’ve done for 13 years is write music and poured every ounce of every day into music. My problem that I face is that I’m always measuring myself of where I’m at creatively, and I’m measuring myself from the last song where I’m in a room and I’m beating myself up because it’s not as good as the song the day before. And I can’t just relax sometimes. So, I just think that after I make this record, I need to step away from writing for a little bit.

Can fans still come see you on the road?

I think I’ll do it for 2017 and I might take 2018 off. I don’t know. I might just disappear for a little while.

What keeps you grounded out there?

I’ve never bought into the hype. It’s not hard. People ask me that: “How do you stay grounded?” I’m like, it’s not hard for me to. It’s honestly not because I see myself as the same person I’ve always been. I think maybe it’s my upbringing. I don’t know. My mom and dad? I’m not sure. I’ve never bought into any hype. Period. It’s something I love to do. It’s never been so much of a job for me. It’s just I’ve just always appreciated where I’ve been and I don’t feel like I’ve ever taken where I’m at in my career for granted. I think that’s what keeps me grounded is I truly appreciate where I’m at.

Moore boasts some impressive numbers on Pandora. According to a company rep, he has 1.03 million stations, 1.81 million listeners and 2.95 million spins. His favorite stations are Willie Nelson and Bob Seger.

Lauren Tingle is a Tennessean and storyteller who eats music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she’s not writing or rocking out, she enjoys yoga and getting lost in the great outdoors.