Billy Ray Cyrus Talks Creating Still The King

A Walk With His Dog Started It All

Billy Ray Cyrus has been a part of the country music family since the debut of his chart-topping 1992 album Some Gave All. The Kentucky native also pursued a very successful television career, garnering a great deal of recognition starring beside daughter Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana.

Sunday night (June 12), Cyrus returns to your TV screen on a show of his own invention, Still The King.

We caught up with the “Hey Elvis” singer to chat about his new show and what else he has coming down the pipeline.

Where did you get the idea for Still The King?

I was down South doing some tour dates and thinking about reinvention, wondering, “Where do I go at this stage in my career?” and reinvent myself out of Hannah Montana and my first series Doc. I knew I needed to do something different if I was going to do it. I stepped out to walk my dog, and looked and there was an old pentecostal church and the backdrop landscape was straight out of the Louisiana Hayride with Elvis, and I thought, “That’s a good reinvention: a dysfunctional Elvis impersonator who lies his way into the church as preacher.” I went in and wrote it down right then, and I underlined “dysfunctional,” because I knew that would be important.

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