David Nail on Babies and “Babies”

"A Lot of 'Wow,'" He Says

“I’ve been kind of hidden, you know? My days in and out of the house are very minimal these days,” David Nail told me on the red carpet at last week’s CMT Music Awards when we talked about his new twins and his new album.

“It’s been a whirlwind, you know? I think I’ve kind of settled in, but during that first three months, it was a lot of, ‘Wow.’”

Lawson and Lillian are 6 months old now, and Nail said they are both showing signs of what makes them each their own person.

“My boy is my serious baby, and my girl’s my fun baby. My boy’s a lot like I was, or like still I am, and he looks a little like me,” Nail said. “And my girl’s just like her mother. Exactly like her.”

Before the twins were born, Nail said it was too cliché for him to write a song about becoming a father. But then he became one. And the song just happened.

“One night — probably about three months in — I don’t know if it was the weight of everything or what,” he said. “But I knew I had subconsciously pushed everything away for a while, because you’re so overwhelmed.

“But it just really hit me. I got extremely emotional, and I kind of knew at that moment that the good Lord was trying to tell me something.”

And “Babies” was born.

“It’s just really a conversation between me and the kids,” Nail explained. “Just kind of telling my story, telling my life story, and then kind of our story. Our story of how they got here and how they forever changed us. How you can kind of think your life is a certain way and going a certain place, and then suddenly you have a couple of kids, and things change. It’s a really beautiful song.”

The song, which he co-wrote with Scooter Carusoe and Lee Thomas Miller, will be on Fighter, Nail’s album due out July 15.

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