Still The King‘s Madison Iseman: Get to Know the Girl Behind Charlotte

The 19-Year-Old Talks Working In Nashville and Her Life Beyond the Set

South Carolina native Madison Iseman is no stranger to being on your TV screen. At only 19 years old, she has already landed some impressive roles, including parts on Modern Family and Henry Danger. Of course, our favorite role of hers yet is on CMT’s new comedy series Still The King.

Iseman plays Charlotte, Vernon’s (Billy Ray Cyrus) 15-year-old daughter he just found out he had. Charlotte has been living with her mother Debbie (Joey Lauren Adams) and her boyfriend, Ronnie (Jon Sewell).

We caught up with the actress before the premiere of Still The King to talk about her experience working on the show and what her life is like when the cameras aren’t rolling.

What was it like filming the show in Nashville?

It was so awesome and easy and everyone was so nice. It couldn’t have gone any smoother, honestly. I miss it so much. I miss the people from the cast and the crew. Everyone was just so easy to work with.

Did you have any favorite local Nashville spots?

I loved Centennial Park. It was my favorite spot. I was there almost every single day. It was gorgeous and it was so nice to be able to sit out by the lake.

Were you in Nashville for the big snow storm that hit last winter?

I was! Actually, my parents were in town when the storm hit, and we walked over to Centennial Park because all of the roads were shut down. So that’s where we went.

What do you think viewers will enjoy most about your character, Charlotte?

I think they will love the fact that she’s just a cool, normal girl. She’s kind of the most normal one on the series, because everyone else has these crazy broad characters. I think she’s going to be one of the characters people will be able to connect most to. Shes just cool, calm and collected. She acts like the adult in a lot of episodes between Vernon and Debbie.

Do you think you are similar to Charlotte?

I think we are super similar. She reminds me of me when I was 15, for sure. We have the same taste in music and the same outlook on life. It’s fun because she’s so young, so she’s just now getting into boys, and I remember that time in my life, so it’s fun.

What was it like working with Billy Ray Cyrus and Joey Lauren Adams, who play your parents, Vernon and Debbie?

It was awesome. They are so talented and driven. And you know Billy Ray wants it to be so good, and you can tell by how much work he puts in. It’s cool to be able to work with such passionate people. And Joey Lauren Adams, she’s great. I’ve watched her from when she was super young, so its so cool to be able to work with someone who I grew up watching. They are both awesome.

Do you have a favorite line or scene from the first season?

One of my favorite episodes is definitely when we were all at the county fair. Probably one of my favorite lines is when I found out I’m a “porta-potty baby,” it’s just a really funny moment. I love that episode because the dynamic is awesome between me and my parents, and it’s one of the first episodes that we are all together and trying to make an effort together. And the dynamic is totally off, and it’s hilarious.

What have you been doing since the season wrapped?

I came back to L.A. and took some down time with my cat. I’ve been working on a movie for Lifetime, but there’s not much I can say there. I got some new head shots done, I got to hang out with my family, and I got ready for things to get rolling with Still The King.

I miss my angel

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When did you know you wanted to be an actress?

I’ve always wanted to since I was young. My school didn’t have a drama program, so when I was younger, I would make horror movies with all of my friends. That was sort of my outlet to be creative, so in middle school and high school, we would make these scary movies. They were so bad, but it was fun. When I was 13, I made a trip out to New York, and I almost signed with a manager, but I decided I wanted to go to high school. So I went back to high school, and when I was 16, I graduated early and looked at my mom and said, “Hey, what if I move to L.A.?” And then she came out here with me for a year. It just kind of fell at our feet. It was a godsend. It was crazy.

How does living and working in Nashville compare to L.A.?

It’s totally different. It was nice because Nashville had a set schedule. We were working 12-hour days and five days a week, so it was very structured. In L.A., between auditions and meeting and interviews, I feel like I never have a schedule and I’m always just waiting by my phone for someone to call me and say, “Hey, be here at 5 o’clock.” So that part was so different. Other than that, it’s just going from L.A. — where I know everyone and my surroundings — to a completely new place where I didn’t know anyone, so it was really scary. But I met everyone so quickly, and everyone was so nice there, I adjusted really quickly.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I have such a wide taste in music. I like super sappy acoustic music, I like rock, I like EDM. I listen to it a lot.

If you could be on any show that’s currently on-air, which would it be?

One of my dream shows that I love is Vampire Diaries. I’m obsessed with sci-fi, so I especially like sci-fi romance shows, and Vampire Diaries is definitely one of them. I’d love to give Damon Salvatore a kiss.

How would you describe your personal style?

Like my taste in music, I can never settle with one. I have my days where I wear all black, and then I will have one day where I go totally bohemian. My style is more laid back for sure, but it’s kind of all over the place at the same time.

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How do you like to spend your days off?

I’m always either at the beach or by the pool. I love the sun and I love being outside, so that’s a plus about living in L.A.

Life's too short to not be happy

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And finally, let’s finish up with a few of your favorite things.

Favorite social media platform: instagram
Favorite movie: the impossible tsunami movie
Favorite TV show: Californication
Favorite emoji: ?
Favorite workout song: “Never Be Like You” – Flume featuring Kai
Favorite country song: Definitely something Carrie Undwerwood
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite dessert: Chocolate lava cake

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