Jake Owen’s Next-Level Day Off

Singer Shows Off His Comedy Hip-Hop Chops

Jake Owen shot his latest video at Shipwreck Island on his day off.

As he recently tweeted, “In case you wondered how crazy we get on the road and our days off … Next level stuff #PuttPutt.”

In a style that could best be described as a retro rap — maybe even a parody of the hip-hop videos parodied in the Lonely Island SNL digital shorts — Owen and his band and crew make a big deal out of a tiny game of golf.

Owen sings (in that distinctive auto-tune style) that he’s got a pink ball, and he’s about to set the course record on fire.

And that he might skip his show and play all night.

And that, as he sings, “Man, I’m ’bout to tell y’all something even more than I told you before. We not just playing putt-putt. We’re gonna take it up a whole new level. It’s about to get even more crazy. Are you ready for some more crazy?”

The next level?

“We getting ice cream!”

Owen made the video with That’s Classic Media when he was working his way south and stopped at Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.