Still The King Recap: Take Your Daughter to Work Day and Puddin’ Hood (SPOILERS)

Puddin' the Lord in Your Life

Ep. 103: Take Your Daughter to Work Day

It’s 2002, and young Ronnie sits in a booth at Mega Melts, a Mexican restaurant with sizzling hot fajitas. Ronnie disregards the waiter’s warning before taking the hot plate with his bare hands. He screams.

Cut to present day where Vernon is sitting in Doily’s cubical where he reluctantly autographs head shots. Doily informs Vernon that his first child support payment allows him visitation rights, and he’s already scheduled to see Charlotte that same day. Vernon has no idea what to do with a 15 year old. How is Vernon going to entertain a teenager without much cash?

Walt awakes to Vernon’s phone call — he needs money. Walt declines, as he’s low on cash as well. After hanging up the phone, Walt gets going on his morning routine: listening to a paranormal radio show, and getting back to his search for Bigfoot.

Vernon makes one more call for some fast cash. Starman, his manager, picks up the phone in excitement. He’ll get Vernon a gig, no problem.

Meanwhile, Vernon arrives at Debbie’s house to pick up Charlotte. She’s very nervous about this father-daughter time. Vernon and Charlotte hop into the car, and off they go.

Vernon makes several attempts to entertain Charlotte with zero cash. This means, panning for various things in the river, doing doughnuts in a parking lot, etc. Charlotte is not amused.

Across town, Walt attends his Paranormal Men’s Society meeting where he’s kicked out because he shot a lumberjack in the neck with a dart. The group explains he’s making them all look crazy. The leader of the group rips off his arm patch, and Walt walks off discouraged.

Meanwhile while Debbie and Ronnie are out on a date at what used to be called Mega Melts, and where Ronnie gets free food for life because of his past incident, Vernon gets a call back from Starman while he’s out trying to entertain Charlotte. He’s got a gig in 10 minutes, and he can’t pass it up — even if that means dropping Charlotte off late.

They arrive at a biker bar, where a wake is being thrown. As soon as Vernon and Charlotte walk in, Starman hands Vernon an Elvis costume before he gets up on stage. Charlotte is mortified, but also somewhat impressed.

Later, Debbie interrogates Charlotte as soon as she walks in the door.

Ep. 104: Puddin’ Hood

“I’ve never made it with a preacher before!” shouts the hot blonde Vernon is hooking up with back at his room at the church. As they’re romping around, he notices a man glaring at him with much disapproval. This man is hung on the wall — a painting of the previous pastor. Vernon takes a time out, and walks toward the painting to cover it up.

As soon as he looks away, he’s surprised by the same man outside his window. Could this be a ghost? Vernon could care less with a pretty girl standing in front of him.

The next morning, there’s a knock on the door — it’s Laura Beth (Lacey Chabert), head of the church booster committee. Vernon cracks the door only an inch, hiding the girl in his bed.

After he helps the girl out his window, he opens his bedroom door again where Laura Beth is waiting. She shares his daily duties with him, and informs him that the painting on the wall is in fact Pastor Jenkins. She assures Vernon that he’s “in a better place now.”

Doily waits for Vernon to show up for his appointment, leaving him numerous amounts of voicemail that only get angrier and angrier. Vernon is caught up carrying out his daily duties.

Doily pays Vernon a visit at the church, and helps him out with talking to the youth about the dangers of marriage. Later, they head to brunch to talk through the morning frustration of missing his appointment. Doily uses this mishap as a way to get Vernon to visit his mother, Ms. Doily, in the nursing home. If Vernon pays her a visit, then he won’t tell anyone about the missed appointment.

Over at the nursing home, Vernon meets Doily’s mother, and so does Laura Beth — what a coincidence! In Doily’s mother’s room, both Laura Beth and his mother can’t seem to agree on who’s who when it comes to Vernon and Walt. Is Vernon a preacher or Burnin’ Vernon? Is Walt a parolee or a pastor? The arguing continues until Doily has had enough.

The jig might be up as Doily asks Vernon to step out for a talk. Doily is very concerned with his mother’s dementia, which assuages the awkward situation. Laura has no idea what’s going on, so they chalk it up to Doily’s mother’s confusion. Crisis averted.

Later, Laura Beth spots Pastor Jenkins — yes, he’s alive. In fact, the nursing home is called “A Better Place.”

Vernon is asked to hand out pudding, and he gets everyone excited with a little ditty he makes up on the fly with the play-on-words, “puddin’ the Lord in your life.” As everyone starts clapping in time, we see Mabel taking a photo of Vernon with her phone. Looks like Mabel also volunteers at the nursing home. Will this be the moment Vernon’s identity is finally revealed to everyone?

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