Rory Feek Reveals Details on To Joey, With Love

Life, Love and Hope Never Die

I already know where I’ll be on Sept. 20: watching the new movie, To Joey, With Love.

And I already know what I’ll be doing: crying.

From the way Rory Feek describes the movie, which is an anniversary gift of sorts to his late wife Joey, it sounds like one of those romantic chick flicks that have you reaching for the tissues from start to finish. Only his story is real.

Feek lost his wife (and country music duo better half in Joey + Rory) on March 4 after a long battle with cervical cancer. And their wedding anniversary was last week, on June 15.

On his blog, he talks about how the movie will give his wife the chance to live again.

“On a movie screen, her heart will start beating and her story will come to life once more and it will be my gift to her. And to our girls. And to our friends and family and all who loved her,” he wrote.

Feek says the movie that will document their lives from February 2014 through the spring of 2016.

“Our love. Our struggles. And even more so, about our faith in God and our hope in a plan … bigger than the one we can see with our own eyes.”

The movie will only be shown one night, although Feek is hoping that if demand is high enough, theaters will play the movie longer.

“And maybe, just maybe … someone might find some encouragement in it. In their marriage or in their suffering or in their faith or something else. … I just want to lift my bride up,” he says, “and continue to tell her beautiful story, while (daughter) Indy and I live out the new one that God is now writing.”