Luke Bryan: Boys Will Be Boys

Plans to Run the Chicago Cubs’ Bases

One of the last times I talked to Luke Bryan, I could tell how proud he was of his nephew Til and all of his athletic accomplishments.

“He plays baseball, and he’s a great pitcher — he’s a lefty,” Bryan recalled. “At some of his first games, I’d see some stuff he was doing wrong and I’d go behind the dugout and tell him some things, like how to make the other team chase one or two. I’d give him a game plan, and he realized that I was honing in on what he was doing.”

Now it sounds like Bryan will be able to hone in even more.

Bryan told the syndicated radio program the Bobby Bones Show that when he plays Chicago in August, he’s going to let Til and his sons Bo and Tate have some Friendly Confines fun.

“I think we’ll get them out to Wrigley (Field) and let them run the bases before we put the stage down,” he said. “That would be fun. Certainly.”

And since whatever Bryan does with his boys — hunting, fishing, inflatable sliding — ends up on Twitter, expect to see videos of Bo, Tate and Til taking a few imaginary home run laps on the legendary ball field.