Blake Shelton Heads Home For “She’s Got a Way With Words”

Tishomingo Costars in World Premiere Video

Usually, people don’t want to spend any more time in a dentist’s office than they have to. But this time, when Blake Shelton’s taking you inside, it just feels right.

Mostly because it doesn’t really look like a dentist’s office anymore.

“This is a building I actually own here in Tishomingo, Oklahoma,” Shelton told People in a behind-the-scenes look at his new video “She’s Got a Way with Words.” “It was the dentist’s office, believe it or not, before I bought it.”

“We did gut the building so we could do this video,” he added. “And this is making for the perfect backdrop.”

Shelton and his team reimagined the office as a dive bar, and it looks very convincing as he’s singing about an ex who put the S.O.B. in sober, the the hang in hangover, and the low in blow.

“There’s just a hint of sarcasm in this one,” he said. “I have high hopes for this one.”

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