Thomas Rhett: Do Not Try This at Home

Discount Fireworks and Bottle Rocket Wars

Thomas Rhett grew up in Valdosta, Georgia. And now that I know how he celebrated his Independence Days, I’m surprised he made it out alive.

In a recent radio interview, he admitted that he and his friends had some pretty good and pretty reckless all-American fun in the summertime.

“We used to have bottle rocket wars in our backyard,” he said. “And we would all get in tree houses and shoot bottle rockets at tree houses.”

Looking back on that kind of goofing around, he says, things could have gone very wrong.

“We could all be blind by now with all the bottle rockets we shot at each other,” he admitted.

He added that while he didn’t work at the fireworks tent, his friends did.

“So I’d always go get discounts on fireworks,” Rhett said, “and shoot them all.”

Good thing that nobody ever crashed and burned.