New Darius Rucker Tune Inspired by “Angels”

He Is Ready to Share His Vulnerability

“I always tell people, the first time I heard ‘She Talks To Angels,’ those lyrics did something to me.”

That’s what Darius Rucker said in a press release about how the rock band Black Crowes’ song – off their 1990 debut album Shake Your Money Maker – made him want to write songs that were that moving.

“I probably requested that song eight times at different bars in Columbia, S.C. before going home, putting on Bonnie Raitt’s Home Plate, and trying to write ’She Talks To Angels’ for Bonnie Raitt. ‘Let Her Cry’ just poured out,” he said of the second massive 1994 hit for his rock band Hootie & the Blowfish.

And now, he feels that same way about his new song “If I Told You.”

The song was written by Ross Copperman, Jon Nite and Shane McAnally. And Rucker says that even though he didn’t pen this one, “‘If I Told You,’ inspired me like ‘Angels’ as it’s not a song I wrote, but as a songwriter I would not change a line as it moves me to want to not only sing along but also as a songwriter it inspires a new perspective.”

The lyrics are a brutally honest confession, with Rucker asking, “If I told you the mess that I can be when there’s no one there to see, could you look the other way? Could you love me anyway?

The song is expected to be the first single off his fifth country album.

“What I love about each album is the opportunity to expand on what we’ve done in the past — to push myself and the band creatively, vocally and lyrically,” he added. “At the end of the day, I’m a fan of great stories and great songs. With ‘Wagon Wheel’ I loved the visual it painted and it’s a song I can truly say I look forward to performing every night. With ‘If I Told You,’ I can’t wait to share in that vulnerability with the fans,” he said.

Rucker is currently on tour through the middle of September.