Jason Aldean’s Wife Jokes: “We Are Weird”

Couple's Secrets Revealed in Instagram Q&A

When Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany Layne posts Instagram videos, you know you’re going to get a rare glimpse into her life. But this time, Aldean is in the video with her, so it’s twice as good.

She recently posted two videos, where she and Aldean answer some questions from fans.

“A little Q&A for our followers. … Watch with caution,” Layne wrote. “We are weird.”

So the couple was chilling on the bus recently, and decided to tell the world something they know about each other that no one else knows.

“Jason doesn’t like to go barefoot. Ever. He could be going from the bedroom to the bathroom and have to put flip-flops on or tennis shoes,” Layne says. He is quick to respond, “You don’t?”

“My thing about her,” Aldean shares, “is before she goes to bed every night, she takes the blow dryer and puts it under the covers to heat up the covers before she gets into bed.”

They also talk openly about their unique animal arrangement. Layne is an animal lover, and Aldean is an avid hunter. Here’s how they make that work:

“We just kind of came to an agreement,” Aldean explains. “I don’t hunt at our house. And I try not to show up at home with any dead things in the back of the truck.”

That’s some real-life romance, right there.