Chris Carmack’s Real-Life Romantic Side

How He Proposed to Erin Slaver

Will Lexington is marrying one of Juliette Barnes’ backup singers. Wait. Let me rephrase that. Chris Carmack, who plays Will on Nashville, is marrying Erin Slaver, who played one of the Hayden Panettiere’s (Juliette) backup singers in the first two seasons.

That makes much better sense.

And Carmack recently opened up about how he proposed to Slaver, who also plays the fiddle in Sam Palladio’s (Gunnar) real-life band.

After they met, and fell quickly in love, Carmack had Slaver get all dressed up, then he took her out in New York City back in March.

“I proposed on a rooftop at a hotel in New York,” Carmack told People. “I hired a little gypsy jazz quartet to play some of our favorite songs,”

Slaver has a Bachelor’s in Music from Stony Brook University in Albany, New York, and she is currently touring as the fiddler in the JD & The Straight Shot band.

Carmack’s role on Nashville has turned into much more than a job. “This job is far and away the most special job that I’ve had in my career,” he said. “I’ve made very close friends, we’ve had incredible adventures and journeys, we’ve gone on tours across the United States with the music.”

“Country is one of the more recent explorations I’ve had,” he adds, “but I’ve been living in Music City now for three and a half years and I got a pretty good education.”