Steven Tyler’s Life Lessons

Questions to Ask Ourselves While We're Still Alive

Even though Steven Tyler is having a busy summer touring and getting ready to release his solo country album, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere, he took the time to explain some life lessons to

Tyler says that since inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened, we all need to get out there and do things so that when we die, you have the answers to these questions:

Have you ever gone swimming?


Have you ever met the Pope?

Have you ever been married twice?

Been with two women? (Although I highly doubt that when Tyler gets to the Pearly Gates, anybody is going to be wondering if he’d ever had a threesome.)

Have you ever said you were sorry?

Have you ever had a dog or a cat?

“I’m sure if whoever it is that we meet at the end of our road asks those questions, and people haven’t, I can’t imagine they’d feel good about that,” Tyler says of his own say-yes-to-everything mentality.

He also shares these various words of wisdom in the GQ story:

“You don’t need to dwell on the past. But you do need to rethink what you did.”

“If you went back in time, if you were to change the worst thing that ever happened — the worst thing — you wouldn’t be who you are today.”

“I like to figure out exactly what it is that’s wrong. And not just go, OK, can we both agree to disagree? Great. Let’s go get an ice cream cone.’ What good was that conversation?

And, lastly, my personal favorite:

“There are so many people that are walking around so angry. And it’s like, do you really want to waste the short amount of time you have here being miserable?”