RaeLynn Shares Her Biggest Marriage Lesson So Far

"It’s Me And Him Against the World."

When RaeLynn married the love of her life Josh Davis in February, her initial thoughts weren’t necessarily on family, friends and celebrity guests. Her mind was mainly focused on food.

“I just remember it being a lot of fun and I got to eat my barbecue that I paid for,” she admits seated on a loveseat at her new label home Warner Music Nashville. “Everybody was like, ‘Make sure you eat.’ And I was like, ‘OK!’ We had Big Al’s BBQ. He catered everything and it was like barbecue, shrimp and grits and pimento cheese. I had been on a wedding diet. So I was like, ‘I’m going to go ape.’ After we took our pictures, I was like, ‘Food!’ So we ate and we danced the night away. It was so much fun.”

Other than making sure the bride was properly fed, her friends also made sure RaeLynn enjoyed every moment of her wedding day. “All the people I love were there,” she says. “It was just such an awesome day. I really took it all in. I feel like I did a good job because every bride in my life was like, ‘It’s going to go fast.’ And I really did take it all in.”

RaeLynn adds the biggest lesson marriage has taught her is to let go of the small stuff in life. “You’re not always going to win,” she says. “It takes a lot of give and take, but you don’t always want to win when it’s the person you love. I don’t even feel like I’m sacrificing anything because he’s just the most amazing man in the world. A lot of times being in this industry, you can be selfish and all about me. But in a marriage, it’s not. It’s about you and your husband. I think that was the biggest learning curve for me as I’m a very independent person. But now I’m dependent on my husband. It’s me and him against the world.”

In case fans were wondering, her former Voice coach Blake Shelton totally approves of RaeLynn’s husband. “I talk to Blake every other day,” RaeLynn says. “I mean, even when I told him that I wanted to get married, he’s like, ‘Well, alright. I wanna be friends with Josh. I want to get to know him more.’ Even if I wanted to work at Urban Outfitters Blake would still be just as close to me as he is now, and I think that’s special. He doesn’t care what I do. He just loves me as a person.”

RaeLynn has new music on the way. Her new single “Love Triangle” is being shipped to radio on Friday (July 8).

Lauren Tingle is a Tennessean and storyteller who eats music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she’s not writing or rocking out, she enjoys yoga and getting lost in the great outdoors.