Tim McGraw Says Daughters “Have a Better Point of View of the World”

"They're Way, Way, Way More Mature"

When Tim McGraw was 19, he was just starting to think about leaving Northeast Louisiana University for Nashville.

But his oldest daughter Gracie is now in college and doing great, according to a recent radio interview with McGraw.

“Gracie is in college now, she just turned 19. Maggie just graduated high school, she starts college in the fall. Audrey starts high school in the fall,” he said of his almost-empty nest. “So they’re growing up.”

“They’re becoming young ladies and they’re unbelievably well-adjusted, beautiful, strong, smart young ladies,” McGraw said, admitting that, “They’re way, way, way more mature and better off and have a better point of view of the world than I’ve ever had.”

Technically, McGraw didn’t graduate from college. But in 2001, Northeast Louisiana University conferred an honorary doctorate of humanities on him while his wife Faith Hill and daughters Gracie and Maggie cheered him on.

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