Charles Kelley: Motherhood Looks Good on His Wife

Cassie Handles Ward With "Motherly Sweetness"

I thought nothing could ever be as touching as seeing Charles Kelley hold his baby boy, Ward.

But now, hearing him talk about the way his wife Cassie takes care of Ward, I’ve realized that that might actually be even more adorable.

“There’s a motherly sweetness and beauty in the way she handles our baby” Kelley told People about his wife’s maternal side. “It’s really sexy.”

There is a country song in there somewhere, right?

Ward Charles, who is almost five months old, has been the star of many Instagram posts from both his dad and his mom. Kelley’s wife is the original founder of the Womanista lifestyle brand. She started it as a personal blog in 2012 when she spent time on the road with her husband’s band Lady Antebellum.

In the interview with People, Kelley also hinted that Ward might be a big brother someday.

“As of now, I see him as a very even temperament,” Kelley said of Ward’s very chill demeanor. “If we have another kid, I’m sure that will change everything.”