Still The King Recap: The King Has Left The Building

You Had Me at Drunk

The episode opens up with the unfortunate death of the so-called best Elvis impersonator, Zelvis. Starman immediately gives Vernon a ring about an upcoming impersonator contest– he’s got a job to fill. Considering Vernon Brown has a history of coming in second to Zelvis at every Elvis-impersonator contest, the next contest he enters is a sure thing.

Vernon hops into his Elvis suit, and heads over to Debbie and Charlotte’s house by way of Walt as his chauffeur. He wants to see if Charlotte would enjoy watching her father win the contest. Turns out, she’s not home. She’s over at her crush’s music video shoot where Mabel is set on catching the lead-singer’s eye with all the makeup she could pack onto her face. Charlotte is taken aback, but still willing to help a friend.

Later, Vernon struts into the impersonator contest that’s in Mississippi, violating his parole. Coincidentally, his parole officer calls over to the church to see if he’d like to have a pizza and a few beers. After Doily finds out Vernon isn’t there, and that he crossed state lines, he is pissed.
Meanwhile, Vernon and Walt notice a group of Johnny Cash impersonators.

Elvis impersonators and Johnny cash impersonators can’t stand one another. That being said, Vernon and Walt decide to harass a few of these men. To their surprise, Wayne Newton is leading the pack of Cash impersonators. We then learn that Wayne Newton practically raised Vernon, so they head off to chow down on the buffet and get drunk.

“You had me at drunk,” explains Vernon.

It’s nearing the announcement of the impersonator winner when Vernon spots Doily in the crowd looking for him. Vernon’s sure he won first place, so he’s got to think fast before they say his name and Doily knows he’s there. He asks Wayne to punch him in the face before they announce him as the winner — this way a fight between Cash and Elvis impersonators can buy him a few minutes.

Of course, the mother of all fights breaks out and fits go flying. Even Jon Pardi makes an appearance as a misplaced Roy Orbison impersonator.

The fight immediately pushes Doily out the door — he drives away in fear. But as he’s driving home, Doily spots Vernon and Walt at the state-line Waffle House. He’s got him right where he wants him.

Not too fast, Doily. Vernon explains that he’s actually eating in Tennessee, while Walt sits across from him in Mississippi. Doily gives up and sits down for those famous Waffle House hashbrowns. How can you stay mad with a plate full of loaded hashbrowns? You can’t.

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