What Is Miranda Lambert Drinking and Thinking?

One Instagram, No Caption

The Keeper of the Flame tour hasn’t burnt out yet. Miranda Lambert is still on the road nearly every night, with plenty more stops to go from Arkansas to Texas.

So there’s that. She is very busy bringing her music to her fans across the country now through mid-September.

Plus she is in the midst of moving her Pink Pistol flagship boutique from its former home in Oklahoma down to her hometown of Lindale, Texas, where it will open at The Cannery in early August. Like she says on her website, “Sometimes you need to close a chapter to build on a new beginning or go back home.”

But I have a feeling she’s up to something else as well.

Because on Wednesday (July 13), Lambert posted a mysterious photo on her Instagram. It looks like her hand holding a drink on the rocks.

Could it mean she is in the studio making new music? Possibly.

Or that she was just thirsty and someone snapped an artsy extreme close up and put an even artsier black and white filter on it? Maybe.

Then again, it’s been more than two years since her Platinum album came out, and an entire year since her last single “Smokin’ and Drinkin'” was released.

So I think it’s time. And judging from the social media response to that one photo, so do Lambert’s fans.

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