Why Jamie Lynn Spears Gave Away a Hit

"I Got the Boy" Found Its Home With Jana Kramer

“It wasn’t for me to sing.”

That’s what Jamie Lynn Spears told me about the song she wrote as a teenager — the same song Jana Kramer made into a hit in 2015.

Spears, 25, said that she wrote “I Got the Boy” six years ago.

“I was 19. I grew up. I matured pretty fast because I had my daughter young,” Spears explained. “Seeing my ex — who was such a young boy with me — go on to find a girl who brought out a man in him was bittersweet. I was like, ‘Why couldn’t he have been a man for me?’ I was battling with being so happy that he was maturing but still wondering why it wasn’t with me.”

But every song you write has a home, Spears told me, and this one’s was with Kramer.

“I tried to hold on to it, but it wasn’t for me to sing,” she said of the song she wrote with Tim Nichols and Connie Harrington. “I don’t think with me singing it, it would’ve had as big of an impact. I think people were ready to hear that from Jana. She was connected to it, and people believe it when she sings those words.

“I might have helped tell the story, but she brought the story to life.”

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