Teenage Chris Young Sings “Because of You”

Not Much Has Changed Since 2003

You know that feeling when you want something you can’t have?

Listen to a teenage Chris Young singing this song “Because of You” and you’ll be in the exact same boat. You’ll want it too, because his voice sounds exactly the same as it does now. You won’t believe it’s him – with his long hair, puka shells and 18-year-old body language – until he starts singing and there’s no doubt it’s Young.

But I can’t find it anywhere other than this 13-year-old video of Young, which the people at WhiskeyRiff.com somehow unearthed.

Here’s what I do know about the song, though. It was written by Teresa Wade and Charlie Craig, sometime maybe around 2000. Lance Miller, former Nashville Star runner-up a couple years before Young won the TV competition in 2006, has a version of it out there, but it’s not for sale.

Last summer, Young told me about his early gigs, playing the El Chico Mexican restaurant on Murfreesboro Pike in Nashville, but this is a side of him I’ve never seen.